Integrity: A good name is better than Gold

Dear Girls,

Today’s post will be short and the message clear. It’s one of the messages that we have been driving since the launch of The Big Sister Initiative. Be a person of integrity.

Good name

Yes, we live in a time where it is easy to be persuaded by the fine things of life. That should inspire you to work harder, do better and increase your earnings the legitimate  way. Never see crime, internet scam, fraud as an easy way out. It never ease and there will always be repercussions, if not “legal” repercussions, you will lose your morals and principles.

It is never really worth it to defraud others for financial enrichment, what should drive you is to need to create wealth and make it sustainable throughout generations, the trusted way to do that is to add values to the lives of others around you and you will see everything come through.

gooood name

So, when you are ever at a crossroad, remember the principles that guide you and make the best possible decision. Don’t give up on your self.

Have an amazing weekend.

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