The Big sister initiative is a platform designed for the adolescent girl as a guide in her journey to self-actualization.

There is so much exposure in the media age we are in, while that might be a good thing for the adult mind that is expected to handle the roll-up-banneramount of information out there, it is a growing concern for the young minds that are yet to figure out how to handle the enormity of such information.

As scary as the reality of this is, the adolescent girl is faced with the same challenges along with the cultural expectations of what “being a woman entails”. While the teen girl is trying to figure out her place in life, society reminds her in no kind words to get ready for womanhood arming her with inadequate information and judging her fiercely where she makes a bad call. The decisions we make determine our destinies and the big sister initiative as a platform seeks to guide the adolescent girl in making positive decisions that will impact her life. The idea is not to force the girls into making decisions they do not agree with but to educate them on the concept of choices and the role it plays in every individual’s life.

The big sister initiative is a school based mentorship program aimed at empowering young girls to become the best they can be in every aspect of their lives.

The initiative will drive training sessions in secondary schools, clubs, associations, social gatherings across Nigeria with the aim of mentoring the young girls.

Why girls you might ask? They are the future home makers, future mothers, the ones who will birth a whole new generation that will create the change Nigeria truly yearns for. Why not listen to them, advise them, encourage them to actualize and fulfil their purpose.

Can we achieve this? You bet!


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