Meet The Team

Meet Nkiru
Nkiru Okoh is the founder of the Big sister initiative and a strong believer in the  adolescent girl.Nkiru Okoh
She is a Lawyer, passionate about what she does and more excited about the opportunity this platform brings and the reason is simple. She was once an adolescent girl faced with daunting decisions to make. While she counts herself lucky for some of those decisions made, she is honest enough to admit that she would have had better choices given better information. This is the gap TBSI seeks to bridge. As much as experiences are the best teachers, she strongly believes that one can also learn from other people’s experiences.
She loves music and she has an amazing support system made up of family and friends that make her world colorful.
Meet Eniola

Eniola Edun is a Marketing and Brand Strategist successful at presenting concepts in an organized and persuasive manner to key stakeeniolaholders with a firm grasp of corporate messaging and branding.

Her strengths includes special events and promotion planning, frequently producing successful results in executing brand strategies in customer-focused markets while leveraging a strong network of high profile professionals. An executive member of The Lighthouse Network community – a female oriented network founded to help women build a work – life balance and shattering ceiling glass. She is enthusiastic about women and girl empowerment and a firm believer that lighting others candles does not dim hers.