The “Yes” factor

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the journey to success and then we stumbled on the video below which I believe came at the most appropriate time. I’m feeling very inspired by it and I believe that there are there are so many lessons for you to take from it;

-Resilience:Keep trying in the face of repeated failures

-Self Improve: Go back to learn from the lessons of the past

-Do not fear failure but be afraid of regret

-Rejections, “No’s” are inevitable, in-fact, they are compulsory but also necessary. So don’t get distracted by them but learn quickly from them

Sometimes the person you are right now is not the person you need to be when you cross the finish line, so you must walk and pace yourself because you haven’t grown enough to fit the shoes you desire and may stumble terribly if you get into those positions ill-prepared. What should you do? Self-improve, Keep at it and keep the end in sight.

Are you ready to walk the walk? Do you pace yourself as you grow that way you get to the finish line at the exact time you are destined to cross it.

Failures might be painful at the time they happen but don’t be that person in life that looks back in time and is filled with the constant regret of “what if I didn’t give up?”



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