Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring are the four seasons in a year. In Nigeria and many parts of Africa, we have the rainy and dry seasons.


According to Wikipedia, a season is a division of the year marked by changes in weather, ecology and amount of daylight.Today’s topic on seasons is not on geography but a brief highlight on appreciating the different phases of our lives and understanding that life happens with marked differences, each with its lessons and blessings.

A lot of people will agree that summer is the best season in the year, it falls under the dry season. Every one is happy to be outdoors, the weather is great, schools are on break,  the days are longer. It’s the best time to attend parties, picnics and be merry. On the flip side, we have winter that is extremely cold and a time when everyone world rather be indoors within the comfort of their homes.

Relating it to life, during the course of one’s life journey, we will go through cycles – the good, the bad, the trying. The good times are amazing , the bad and trying times will test your character and your faith. Rather than see the less favourable times as a punishment from God, a good perspective to have is, ” what is this period teaching me”, “what lessons on character should I take away from this experience. During the good times, stay grateful and try to be a source of blessing to the next person. Overall all, remember that better days are ahead.

Lots of Love,


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