#IWD2019 Balance for Better

Happy International Women’s Day.


What an exciting, refreshing time it is to be a woman. This year’s theme is Balance for better and it is in support for the growing global push for social and professional equality. The theme is aimed at encouraging gender balance in board rooms and across the spheres of life.

We now live in a time where the contribution of women are now being recognised and the sacrifices made are appreciated and not just seen as the norm. The work is not yet done as we are progressively moving to a time when every woman and girl is treated as an equal in the society and not as an after thought or as an individual to be merely tolerated. A time where a woman puts in the work in equal measure as her counterpart and is rewarded appropriately. Change has come and it is only inevitable.

From all of us at The Big Sister Initiative,

Happy International Women’s Day

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