For anyone who has diligently followed us via Instagram, twitter, or any of our write ups, you can tell that a recurring theme for us at The Big Sister Initiative is the self-improvement message, the audacity of hope and the reminder that dreams come true. As we wrap up the second month of the year, it is important to reiterate our message that your dreams are valid, your ambitions possible and  your optimism not far-fetched.

You are a product of your thoughts, attitude and your beliefs. The circumstances or the setbacks you face can never be a defining factor, only if you empower it to be so. Focus on improving yourself without losing your authenticity and the value you can bring to the world, watch the circle you interact with, celebrate your self and your wins, learn to prioritize. Life is about your personal responsibility. Seek to improve yourself and the world around you.

So what next, If you have not yet written down your goals for the year it is not too late to do so. You have 10 months to create a miracle. Set milestones for yourself and what you want to achieve at the end of each month, quarter and the year and don’t forget to celebrate every time you achieve it. Re-evaluate your value system, constantly evaluate where you place value and if your actions align with your belief system. Rid yourself of selfishness because you will never achieve your potentials until you turn the focus on others. Loose the dead weight, as hard as this sounds, be prepared to say goodbye to friendships or relationships that do not align with your values or run down your esteem and improve friendships that seek to empower who you are and who you can be. Your circle is a reflection of you.

Sometimes, it seems like life is designed to break you, but the true test of who you are on the inside is seen by your reaction to life’s events. Keep striving, keep pushing, see you at the top.


All of us at The Big Sister initiative


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