Fun Dining with Le Courtois

On the 4th of May 2019, Le Courtois had its inaugural fine dining event and it was a huge success. Le Courtois is an etiquette consulting group run by Bukola Egwenu, the Etiquette Coach. Bukola is one person I know walks the talk. She believes, reflects and is a personification of  grace.

The fine dining event was the icing on the cake, as Le Courtois had over a period of time visited the kids at school and had been deeply involved in helping them improve their soft skills. The process is aimed at teaching the kids to be more self aware, sharpen their soft skills and believe that they are not disadvantaged, it also helps change the general poor perception of public school students. This is an amazing start and a commendable journey.


Le Courtois provides etiquette and soft skills services to corporates, parastatals and private individuals and is fully committed to improving the lives of people by tapping into their soft skills and creating self consciousness to do more and be more. Definitely one to look out for. For more information, Follow @le_courtois_  on Instagram.

Great job Bukola


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