Who is in your Circle?

thJJI am a strong believer that Iron sharpens Iron and that one man sharpens another. This is one of the reasons why I guard my inner circle fiercely. I call them my support system and it is made up of some family members and a group of friends that over the years have been relentlessly supportive and loyal both when I deserved it and when I didn’t, and I will like to think that they feel the same way about me.


There are some days that I am in no mood to be productive or I feel bummed out about an issue, I find out that after talking to God and then having a subsequent conversation with anyone in my support system makes a world of difference, I automatically feel a lot better.

I once read that, the next best Thing to being wise is to be in the circle of those who are. What this means is that You are simply a reflection of those who are in your circle. Guard your heart fiercely, also guard the energy you allow based on the people who come around you.

support 2

I hope this helps you during the course of your week.

Have a pleasant day


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