Our Message of Encouragement

I recently had a wakeup call.


It came early this week while trying to resolve a dispute between two of my dearest friends. I had asked them both to narrate their experiences, one of them felt the other was too slow and lazy in getting results, the other person felt the attacker was disrespectful and not considerate enough in interactions, hence didn’t see the point in wasting relevant time with her. Well, since they are both my dear friends, I knew they were very far from the truth. One has a very dominant personality, an A-typical go-getter but had the sweetest heart, while the other was a lot more introverted with a homey personality and quite hardworking. After a lengthy chit-chat, we reached a middle ground.

How did we resolve it, you might ask? The magic was the word “Kindness”. They both agreed to consciously take steps in improving the relationship by being a lot more tolerant with themselves.


Today, the message is simple, be kind to people. It is not a coincidence that we had earlier talked about random acts of kindness. A brief definition of kindness is the ability to be friendly, generous, and considerate. Life has its way of being rough at certain phases. Your awesome week might be the next person’s crappy phase. I know the buzz word in recent times pushes views like “I’m all about my money/the hustle” this corrodes the message of kindness.


However, consciously try to improve your life by reengaging with people.  They in turn might be your next friend, or a support system and even if they don’t, just be kind to people because it is liberating for you. How can you show kindness you might ask? A question as simple as, “Can I help you” will go a long way in helping the next person feel welcome. Ever feel like the next person is super slow and not as cool as you would like? Why not switch things up by putting yourself in the persons shoes. It might help you to be kinder in your future interactions. Where someone has hurt you, try to actively forgive and forget, rather than rehashing what was said or why the person hurt you. Also, focus on self-improvement; Everyone has their own kind of fears and insecurities and we often hide behind it by judging others. Why not channel that drive to improving on your flaws. It is in being available for others through kindness, that we make ourselves available to be channels of blessings.

At the end of the day, can we all get along? I bet we can.

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