Hello June – A word of encouragement

you make it happen.jpgHey Guys

Hope you enjoyed the mid-term break.

It’s the sixth month of 2018 and we seem to be sprinting through the year. Now is a great time to check the goals you had written down in January. How far have you gone with them? Have you lived up to the set targets or it is still a work in progress?

Whatever the case is, stay persistent and stay consistent. Don’t give up on those goals if you haven’t started at all. Today is a good day to start from the beginning and also a good day to make the necessary adjustment if you have already started. All it takes is a step from you.

If for instance, your goal was to read up six books this year and you haven’t started any at all. Start with one today, the first page of the first book is just the perfect place to start.
Also, try as much as possible to have an accountability partner that way you have someone to subconsciously motivate you.

An important reminder, “You make it happen”.

Keep pushing.

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