Hello 2018




A new year has rolled in and with it comes fresh opportunities. We, at the Big Sister Initiative are excited about the plans for 2018. One thing is clear, we are resolute in improving the lives of the adolescent and are committed to expanding the reach of the initiative. The future is indeed bright.

2017 was a learning curve for us, from having outreaches with the E and R foundation, Command Children School Oshodi to Ajao Estate Primary School amongst others.

During the Christmas Carol session held at the Muri Okunola Park in December, we had a lot of girls give us feedback on the impact the platform has made in their lives and it was a humbling and inspiring moment for us as it showed us that the platform is indeed gathering momentum and we are adding some colors to the world we live in.

We see 2018 having a lot of disruptions in our manner of engagements, we will be reaching out to teens in schools, clubs, associations, we also see a lot of collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders that have similar objectives. This will be an exciting year for us here and we will like to encourage you to continue to positively impact the world around you from your corner.

Lots of Love


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