Hello November: Full Circle

The Big Sister Initiative is a year old, the journey has been enlightening and an interesting learning curve, but most importantly, we are grateful to have impacted lives in our own little way. On the 1st of November, we visited Ajao Estate Grammar School to spend some time with the students and it was indeed an amazing experience. Our discussions spanned from career to relationships to money and it was great watching the students (girls and boys) excited about learning and asking questions.




What struck me during the session (this happens at almost all sessions with the students ) was how accommodating and eager they were to learn. Their curious minds  eager to know more and trying to figure out ways to be successful. One message we try to reiterate during our sessions with the students is that -you are only a decision away from a completely different life- We realize that the adolescent stage is one where critical life decisions will be made and it is important to reiterate the need for the students to have core values and principles that will guide their choices. There was however a red flag I observed , I must confess that I was concerned about the state of the infrastructure  of our public schools, it speaks a lot to the deterioration of the educational system in Nigeria. Nevertheless, we at the big sister initiative remain focused on the students  and the content they are exposed to especially the parts that are not covered by the school curriculum.


If you are a school administrator and you will like for us to spend some time mentoring your students, please leave us a message or contact us via any of our social media handles.

Lots of love,

From All of Us.

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