2017; Be Intentional

Happy New Year Guys!


2017 has rolled in with style and to be honest, I am super excited about this year. There is a positive vibe/buzz in the air, latch on to it.

During the holidays I was opportune to have a conversation with an old friend. While we talked about everything from sports, to food, US politics and even Rihanna-Drake-Jlo love story, we veered into personal development which has gradually become a favorite topic of mine. One message resonated with me from that conversation and I have gladly listed it among my goals for the year.

The message? Be Intentional


To be Intentional is to act purposefully with a goal in mind and a plan to accomplish it. Be Intentional in the brand you want to create. Ideas and products are not the only things that require branding and advertising. As an Individual, on a daily basis you create a brand for yourself. If you are already aware of this that is fine and already shows that you are a step ahead, the next question is, what are you doing about your brand? However, if you are not aware, it is key that you realize that you portray a brand every time you interact or communicate with others.

It’s never too early to start really shaping your brand. If at 17 your end game is to be a high flying executive in the corporate world. Your brand needs to align with your vision, what this means is that you have to begin to factor in having the academic qualifications needed for the role, identifying the industry you seek to carve a niche for yourself in, surrounding yourself with positive influences, finding a mentor and gaining the required work experiences required for the role.


By being intentional, you do not let life just happen to you. You actively begin to take steps to make sure that the vision you have for your self aligns with what your mindset and your body language speaks reflects.

If you are 15 and your vision is to be a social media influencer. What brand would you want to portray? How do you see yourself achieving this. Are you social media savvy? Do you have an audience for message?  Do you know how to independently run a social media page? These are some questions you need to sincerely answer and once you can answer the

What is your brand message? Grow it. If you do not like it, change it. However, remember, Random acts give you random results. So be intentional about 2017.


Lots of Love








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